How to Make the Icelandic Dream Bar (Bracelet) by TIAT

PFT-V2 Book Link: The Icelandic Dream Bar is the three cord (integrated) variant of a new tying technique that I'm currently working out all the options for. In short, it (the tying technique) will change a lot of what's going on in the Fusion Knotting community today. So you know, this is the base technique, relatively easy to apply. Still, its iterations are varied in form and appearance, making this, the Icelandic Dream Bar, (essentially) a hint toward four to five more ties soon to come. All that said, unless others figure out the Dream Bar iterations first...I will likely hold on to them for the next paperback book (PFT-V3). p.s. If you can, visit Iceland. It's an inspiring country, the people are kind, and treat you like family; and...if you're'll be able to bake bread in the ground."